Teeth Care Antibacterial Toothbrush Fresh Breath

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Avoid bacterial growth.

Good antibacterial effect.

Non-slip rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

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● Remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months.

● Cleans your teeth, tongue and gums.

● Multi-height bristles clean big and small teeth.

● Extra soft bristles for effective and gentle cleaning.

● Circular power bristles to help remove tooth stains.

● Gentle on gums, but tough on stains.

● It comes with sliver nano bristles, which has antibacterial function.

● Extra soft bristles are great for people with sensitive gums, crown and bridge work and even braces.

This toothbrush has a good antibacterial effect, effectively clean oral food particles and plaque, deep cleaning teeth, remove oral stains. Angled bristles help reach back teeth and hard-to-reach areas for a cleaner, healthier mouth. The toothbrush has an ergonomic transparent plastic handle and soft rubber for easy handling. This toothbrush can be customized, such as the color of the bristles, the color of the handle, and the logo you need. Packaging can also be customized according to requirements. This toothbrush is reusable, you just need to remember to change your toothbrush every three months.

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Antibacterial Adult Toothbrush (2)
Antibacterial Adult Toothbrush (5)
Antibacterial Adult Toothbrush (4)

About This Item

★ Various kinds of bristle material for choices. 

★ Gentle on Gums: Perfect for sensitive teeth, the brush bristles are ideal for promoting gum and oral health.

★ All products can be personalized with a private logo.

★ Clean tooth-by-tooth to sweep away more plaque and food debris for a healthy mouth.

★ Package style: blister/paper box with printing/plastic box.

★ Ultra-Soft Toothbrush: Smile away as this brush gently protects your gum tissues and teeth against decay while maintaining your oral healthy.

★ Dentists recommend replacing your brush every 3 months or sooner if bristles are worn.


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