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Dual cleaning tip effectively cleans the back and in between teeth.

Non-slip rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

Raised cleaning tip specially designed to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Circular power bristles to help remove tooth stains.

Non-slip rubber grip for comfort and control while brushing.

Clean your teeth, tongue and gum.

Soft toothbrush bristles.

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Designed for adults, this toothbrush is gentle on gums and helps remove stains. Easy-to-grip handles provide comfort and control while brushing. This toothbrush has a extensive of contact over the teeth and greatly reduces oral irritation. Soft bristles reach between the gum line to remove food particles and plaque and gently massage the gums. Great for removing all plaque from teeth. This toothbrush has very soft bristles, which can better protect the gums and oral health. The bristles and handle colors can be customized as demanded. Logo can also customized. Toothbrushes are packaged recyclable, natural kraft paper so you don't have to worry about polluting the environment when you throw them away. This toothbrush can be reused, it will be a good choice for you, give you a different cleaning experience.

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About This Item

● Brighter Smile: Whiter and healthier teeth; Designed for deeper cleaning, fighting plaque with the 5,460 densely planted bristles.

● Soft Bristles: Using CUREN filaments instead of nylon with round tip bristles 0.1mm in diamaster on the tip, this brush prevents enamel erosion with a softer touch.

● Angled Brush: The octagonal handle and angled brush head remove plaque and stains from hard-to-reach places.

● Gentle on Gums: Perfect for sensitive teeth, the brush bristles are ideal for promoting gum and oral health.

● Curved, soft outer bristles to clean gum margin and firmer inner bristles to effectively clean teeth.

● Curved, non-slip rubber handle for a comfortable grip.


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