Professional Teeth Whitening Smooth Toothbrush

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Daily use individually packed wrapped adult whitening toothbrush.

Gently polish away surface stains on and between teeth for a noticeably brighter smile.

Remove up to 90% of surface teeth stains and reveal a more dazzling white smile.

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● Multi-height bristles clean big and small teeth.

● Gentle on gums, but tough on stains.

● Polishing bristles offer dual-action whitening and whiten between teeth.

● Comfortable thumb rest and non-slip cushioned handle for better control.

● Extra soft spiral filament.

● Extra soft bristles for effective and gentle cleaning.

● Unique soft tongue cleaner to clean beyond teeth.

● Thumb grip and rounded handle for a comfortable grip.

● Cavity Prevention.

● Tooth Whitening.

This toothbrush helps reduce bacteria by 151% and served with cleaning bristles and polishing cups that help remove more plaque and stains. Using this toothbrush will provide you whiter, healthier teeth. Spiral filament with rounded ends help to protect tooth enamel and gums. Double action bristles in professionally-designed shape clean teeth surfaces and massage gums simultaneously. The tongue cleaner on the head backside can be applied easily to eliminate tongue surface bacteria, which can guarantee the oral hygiene. Ergonomically shaped transparent plastic handle with soft rubber offer you an easy manipulation.

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About This Item

★ Various kinds of bristle material for choices. 

★ Angled bristles help to reach backteeth and hard to reach places.

★ All products can be personalized with a private logo.

★ Package style: blister/paper box with printing/plastic box.

★ The tip bristles effectively reach and clean backteeth and between teeth.

★ Gentle on Gums: Perfect for sensitive teeth, the brush bristles are ideal for promoting gum and oral health.

★ Clean tooth-by-tooth to sweep away more plaque and food debris for a healthy mouth.


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